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A few weeks back I heard about another tool for managing my RSS feeds called Feed.ly.  I decided to give it a try as I’m not in love with anything I’ve used to date including Google tools and 3rd party iOS apps.

I’m ready to call this the best option I’ve discovered.  The UX is far superior both on my iPad and desktop.  Easy bookmarking, sharing via twitter, FB and LinkedIn and complete management customization make this one of my favorite new apps!

Two areas I hope to see improved on the future, and these are both areas that lacked in my previous platform (FlipBoard), are having multiple twitter accounts to share to and WordPress integration.  I like to keep a general twitter account and a more technical account so having the ability to share my interests between both would be very helpful.


I know a company that used to boast that they “opted out of the recession.”  That their success was due in large part to “the great people that made the company go.”

Now they’re slashing jobs left/right (in cowardly fashion) and eliminating benefits while the job market is doing what??

I’d offer two suggestions:

1. Continue to #blameobama because frankly, I like seeing you look like a fool.

2. Maybe #karma is a bitch?


Google Field Trip

I’m looking forward to using this app on my next trip.  I’ve also been interested in “help” apps in the past regarding food, shopping, etc.  While I’m not sure this replaces those apps, I do like reversing the model and having an present options or points of interest to me based on my location, not my seeking. 

If you give it a try (or have been using it on Android) let me know what your experience has been like.

Google Field Trip

Uses your location to notify you when you’re nearby something worth checking out, whether that’s good shopping, good eating, or good exploring, based on tips from the experts.


Increase the Tempo!

Looking forward to trying what I hope will be the next great productivity enhancing tool, Tempo.  I’ll save any further thought until I actually get to experience the app, but you can read all about it’s potential including some great screen shots here or check out the cute video below.

But if you’re interested, you might want to go ahead and get on the reservation list now!  😦












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